Our Solutions

Connect to your existing data, or source industry datasets and open data, to generate valuable insights.

Power BI Dashboards & Reports

If you're already integrated with the Microsoft suite of products, Power BI may be the best solution for your data visualization needs. Training included.

Custom Real-Time Dashboards

Our fully managed live dashboards can connect to virtually any data source, all built with real-time tracking and automated reporting.

One-Time Reports

Visualize your data in report format for research presentations, forecasting, competitor reviews, industry insights and more. Don't have the data? Have our team source it for you.

APIs: Custom & Third-Party

Purchase the API data as-is and simplify your programming process. Our APIs will give you the flexibility to design, administer and use your tool in a way that ensures you spend less time coding and more time innovating.

Web Apps & Progressive Web Apps

From monitoring inventory levels in real-time, to using data mapping to track location-based sales, events or assets, we layer various data sources to create intelligent applications.

Customer Portals

Need a backend set-up to access ongoing reports and data updates? We build platforms for teams large and small so you can house all your data-driven products in one place.


Data Visualization

In order to uncover the limitless potential hidden in your data, you must first understand it. Presenting data in a visually appealing and easy-to-digest format will provide you with the ability to instantly recognize key trends or emerging patterns, which will arm you with the knowledge needed to make critical decisions.


Custom Dashboards & Reports

No cookie cutter templates. We build to meet your needs.

Web based Interactive Dashboards & Reports

Interact with your data and find insights intuitively with our web based solutions.

Power BI

Power BI's real-time reports allow you to visualize and interact with your data for deep analysis.

Embeddable Metrics

Metrics and visuals designed for embedding in any platform.

Never run a report again.

Custom built to meet your needs

We custom build dashboards & reports to meet your needs.

Combine data from multiple sources

From API's to excel docs and everything in between, we connect your data for complete reporting.

Always up to date

We build dashboards & reports that automatically update your data so you don't have to.

Automation and alerts

Automatically receive custom snapshot reports and alerts based on custom event triggers.


Data Services

We offer data analysis and data quality reports to determine the accuracy and quality of your data. This is an integral step to ensuring the final product delivers on all the goals you are looking to achieve.

Data Analysis

We analyze your data and provide insights on your data's quality and completion rates.

Data Sourcing

We source industry datasets from a variety of sources including open data sources.

Data Modeling

We can combine multiple data sources into a single relational database generating insights that aren't possible from individual sources.

Database Design

We consult on best practices for database design based on your needs.

Why use a data expert?

Maximise your data

With custom metrics and insights we create data visuals and reports well beyond the capabilities of your existing reporting platform.

Save time

With a custom report or dashboard you no longer have to waste time building, running and combining multiple reports.

Save resources

With our custom dashboards, reports and visuals, your team will have instant access to the information they need.

Insight analysis

Generate insights and metrics you didn't even know were possible with our insight analysis.