About Us

We Believe in Using Data To Solve Real-World Problems, Whether Big or Small.

At Ravel Insights, we believe in uncovering the story hiding behind the numbers. We help our clients source and visualize complex data using Power BI, APIs, and custom-built dashboards, web apps & software solutions. With real-time tracking and automation built in, we also help our clients save valuable time and resources.

Whether you’re looking to gain market insights, optimize planning and operations, or drive awareness and audience engagement, our data-driven tools can help.

Whatever you’re looking to do with data, Ravel Insights has a solution.

We start by collecting the raw data. From there, we enhance the data by either summarizing or adding to it. Finally, depending on your needs and internal capabilities, you can choose from the following solutions:

APIs: Custom &

Purchase the API data as-is and simplify your programming process.

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Power BI & Custom Software Solutions

This includes live dashboards, web apps and customer portals.

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One-Time Reports

Visualize your data in report format for research, forecasting, competitor reviews and more. Don't have the data? Have our team source it for you.

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Our Process

Discovery Phase

This phase helps us understand your project goals, the types of data you’d like to use, where the data comes from, and your ideas on how you'd like to analyze and display the data.

Proposal & Timeline Development

Based on the outcomes from the discovery phase, our team will develop a proposal with costing, technical specs & a sample workback schedule for your review, feedback and approval.

Data Review

Reviewing the data for quality and effectiveness helps us understand your data’s strengths, weaknesses, and how much data modelling will be required to produce the desired results.

Project Framework

Approval to the overall style and set up is required prior to moving forward on full scale development. We provide a sample of the final product by showcasing a selection of key areas for your review & feedback.

Development Phase

Key steps include: connecting your data to the selected platform, building features for data visualizations, and setting up automations (if required) for real-time data tracking, reporting and updates.

Training & Support

We provide ongoing training & support to ensure your team has the ability to manage data projects moving forward. This includes: virtual training sessions, ongoing email support and online user guides (where applicable).

Software & Technology

We constantly review & integrate new software & technology solutions into our products.

Coding Languages

- JavaScript
- C++ (IoT Firmware)
- Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Coding Frameworks

- jQuery
- Bootstrap
- Node.js
- Vue.js
- Nuxt.js
- Express.js

Open Source Software

- Docker
- Wordpress
- Node-RED
- Grafana
- Metabase
- Redash
- Authelia
- Strapi
- Cube.js

IoT Microcontrollers

- Raspberry Pi
- ESP8266
- ESP32

Cloud Platforms

- Google Cloud
- IBM Cloud
- Microsoft Azure

Server Management

- cPanel
- Portainer

Proprietary Software

- Power BI
- Power Query
- Salesforce

Mapping Solutions

- Google Maps
- Mapbox
- Leaflet

Database Software

- Azure SQL
- InfluxDB
- MariaDB
- MongoDB
- PostgreSQL
- SQLite

Data Formats


Server Operating Systems

- Debian
- Mac OS
- Raspbian
- Ubuntu
- Windows


- Google APIs
- Open Data Canada
- Statistics Canada