Whatever you're looking to do with data,
Ravel Insights has a solution.

We work with data in a variety of ways, and have the capability to connect to virtually any data source, whether that be your existing database, industry datasets or open data.


- Power BI Reports & Dashboards
- Custom Real-Time Dashboards
- One-Time Reports
- Web Apps / Progressive Web Apps
- Public & Custom APIs


- Data Modelling
- Data Server Provisioning
- Data Processing
- Data Sourcing & Storage


- Geocoding
- Data Mapping (real-time, polygon, choropleth, etc)
- Automation (alerts, emails, data entry, equipment, etc)
- Sentiment Analysis (social media)

Explore & visualize your data with our managed open source solutions


of businesses are failing to manage unstructured data (Forbes, 2019)


Connect data from internal software/systems or external software/APIs.


Combine different data sources to create strategic relational databases.


Analyze and clean your data to ensure effective modelling and reliable reporting.


Interact with your data through real-time dynamic dashboards and reports.

Connect data from any source

Connect your data from any source.

We work with you to determine all the sources of data you’d like to collect and analyze.

We build custom data collection solutions to automate the collection and storage of your data.


We take data from any source and convert it into one of three compatible formats.

Automatic data collection

We setup data refresh scheduling so your data is never out of date.


Connect to any API online to live query your data.

Data security

Data security is our priority. We can setup local data storage or cloud based solutions to suit your security needs.

“Ravel Insights did a fantastic job setting up a live reporting dashboard. Julian was able to quickly immerse himself in both the reporting platform and our CRM, allowing him to create reporting metrics quickly and advise of data gaps or errors. He was open and flexible throughout the development process, easy to work with and very capable.”

– Anthony, MAB Corporation (Melbourne, Australia)

Never run a report again.

Custom built to meet your needs

We custom build dashboards & reports to meet your needs.

Combine data from multiple sources

From API's to excel docs and everything in between, we connect your data for complete reporting.

Always up to date

We build dashboards & reports that update your data automatically, so you don't have to.

Automation and alerts

Automatically receive custom snapshot reports and alerts based on custom event triggers.

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