Limitless Data. Limitless Potential.

At Ravel Insights, we work with all types of data. Our attention to detail paired with diverse industry knowledge ensures our clients are always getting the most out of their data.

Operational Data

This includes data on financials, inventory, sales, marketing, and more.

Statistical Data

These dashboards are particularly useful for clients in healthcare, education and government.

Open Data

This involves the visualization of publicly available data, which can generate valuable market and industry insights.

Driving strategic insights using Open Data

We source and visualize Open Data to provide you with the knowledge, understanding and insights you need for developing effective strategies for your business, organization or industry.

From raw data to custom dashboard

Use the slider to see how Ravel Insights transforms raw databases into beautifully customized dashboards, with easy-to-digest visuals and real-time tracking. This dashboard was developed using Covid-19 tracking data available on The Province of Ontario’s Open Data website.

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